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Full Frontal is this years only UK JavaScript conference, for front end developers and engineers who want to learn more about the capabilities of the language.

The direct dictionary definition is: with nothing concealed or held back, which is the essence of the conference: to fully understand the World's most popular programming language.

Two hundred and fifty web developers from all over Europe will be able to attend on November 20, 2009. Tickets have been priced to be affordable and cost £100 for the early bird ticket, otherwise £129.

When & Where

The one full day conference is being held on Friday 20th November at the Duke of Yorks Theatre, Brighton, UK.

The prestigious Duke of Yorks was one of the World's first cinemas, first opening on 22nd September 1910.


The conference is catering for the front end engineers in the web development community.

Web professionals from the UK and across Europe are expected to attend.

You will meet developers with a range of experience, including designers and backend developers looking to get a better understanding of the browser platform.


Industry leaders of thought: Christian Heilmann, Simon Willison, Peter-Paul Koch, Stuart Langridge, Robert Nyman, Jake Archibald, Todd Kloots.

The Organisers

The conference is being run by Remy Sharp: who runs Left Logic, a web development consultancy, and Julie Sharp: an events manager and running the logistics of the event.

Remy is a developer, speaker and soon to be published author for the most part on the topic of JavaScript. Out of frustration that there was no conference that catered for the JavaScript community (anymore*), he and his wife decided to bring the conference to the UK.

* @media Ajax was the first, and only other JavaScript conference, but it closed in 2008.

Why Sponsor Full Frontal?

Sponsoring Full Frontal will mean web developers, bloggers and other members of the community will get to know your company better and see that you want to support their community.

You will have the opportunity to promote your brand and products to attendees and meet possibly new employees, clients or users. There are networking opportunities throughout the conference and during the after party.

How to Sponsor Full Frontal

Full Monty
£5,000, 2 places available
Half Monty
£2,000, 4 places available
Small Monty
£1,000, 4 places available
5 conference passes 2 conference passes 1 conference pass
Credit during the opening introduction
Inclusion of promotional material for conference attendee (max. A4) Inclusion of promotional material for conference attendee (max. A4)
Top placement of logo in print promotional material & ads Logo included in print promotional material & ads
Top placement of logo on web site Logo on web site Logo on web site
Top placement of logo on screen during breaks Logo on screen during breaks Logo on screen during breaks
Logo on name badge/programme Logo on name badge/programme company name on badge/programme
Two guest invitations to exclusive speakers' dinner
Logo on banner popups placed on the stage

Other sponsorship opportunities

The pre or post event party, speakers dinner, refreshments, lanyards, T-shirts or even a complete shwag bag. Get in touch if you have an idea, and we'd be more than happy to discuss it.